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If I can build a fundraiser website with just the internet at my disposal, imagine what the youth of Kenya could do with access to a proper STEM education.

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The Mission

The STEM Impact Center in Kenya is a place provides creative spaces and resources to young learners and educators interested in STEM, computer science and coding. The Center is committed to get children from underprivileged communities interested in STEM and computer science at an early age. Their specific goal is to increase the number of students, especially girls and minorities in Kenya, to pursue science and technology innovations, courses and career pathways.

The Goal

I am aiming to raise $15,000 to help the Stem Impact Center reach more children in Kenya to access STEM and computer science education opportunities and support the Center's efforts to expand this important work to other countries in Africa. The money raised will go towards education oppurtunities in STEM and Computer Science. Computer Science jobs are very lucrative, averaging $108,796 per year according to It also only requires 4 years of college to get a Computer Science degree.

The Inspiration

I am so lucky to have access to a computer and a school that offers classes and clubs that relate to Computer Science. Even with just access to a computer you could do so much. Take me for example. Using my computer, I built a fundraiser website from scratch, using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (which I learnt off Youtube). The possibilites in tech are limitless and I feel that everybody should have access to such a powerful tool. I made this fundraiser because I want to give the oppurtunity for the less fortunate to build careers in tech.